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The Specialist for Safety and Fire Protection Engineering provides design and consulting services in the field of fire protection, safety and code interpretation and compliance. We deliver cutting edge solutions and innovative approaches to the protection of life, property and continuity in business operations resulting from hazards associated with fire. Our comprehensive suite of fire protection engineering services includes code-and performance-based design, and we help our clients establish fire-safety goals that can be used to demonstrate regulatory compliance.

Our services include all range of customers, from ministries, governmental agencies, international companies and private sector companies to the services of small enterprises and individuals include:
  • Fire Strategies.
  • Facility surveys, assessments, analysis and recommendations.
  • Fire protection system design, acquisition, testing, commissioning and start-up.
  • Review Architectural Plans to comply with Civil Defense Regulations
  • Fire and building code compliance and gap analysis.
  • Fire alarm and mass notification.
  • Fire risk assessment and risk plans.
  • Performance-based design.
  • Review Shop Drawings prepared by Contractors, and get Civil Defence Approval
  • Smoke management design, testing and commissioning.
  • Fire science research and development.
  • Fire modelling and testing.
  • Property loss control services.
  • Life safety inspections.
  • Make inspection at site to confirm that the installations done by contractor
  • Forensic investigations and expert witness.
  • Sustainable (LEED) planning, design and commissioning 
Our role is to apply scientific and engineering principles, rules and expert judgement based on our understanding of how fire impacts a building, the interaction with human behaviour and how to ensure safe access for fire fighters. We combine theoretical knowledge and practical application, using advanced computer modelling of fire, smoke, evacuation and structural response. In some regions, we also provide fire safety systems design and post-occupancy safety solutions.

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