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The Specialist Group for Engineering Consultancy recognizes that the operation and maintenance of buildings and facilities affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce and Investment are considered to be large cost centers that need the best economic methods and studies in effective ways in order to raise their performance and reduce their costs. This could be monitored through the Ministry's directives in improving facilities operation and maintenance, qualifying employees, developing capabilities, transferring technology, using the latest methods and strategies, and using the latest programs and mechanisms of maintenance to achieve the Ministry’s aspirations and meet their needs.

Whereas the common method used by many maintenance managements nowadays to deal with problems at the time of their occurrence is mostly expensive and is not commensurate with the modern management features, as well as it may be dangerous if it comes to the safety of workers and users of facilities and buildings.
The management of operations and maintenance through modern strategic methods will significantly reduce financial spending and save effort and will ensure that the projects remain efficient until the end of its operational life, and will be able to identify what needs to be done to extend its operating life to longer periods.

The Specialist Group for Engineering Consultancy has been hired for its consultancy, technical and practical ability in the field of operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of facilities to achieve these requirements.

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